ANUGRA was launched by 501c3, Influence Internationala nonprofit that focuses on holistic development throughout India & Nepal. Influence focuses on raising leaders, empowering children, church planting, and community development. The organization, founded and run by Indians, is deeply rooted in the culture, history, and community in which it works.

Personal, communal, and national transformation can only be sustained through holistic development.


KKM Leprosy Colony

This Weaving Society was started in the 1950's by German missionaries in response to the great need for care and treatment of Indians with leprosy. As numbers of ill grew, lepers were pushed from communities, further into isolation. It wasn't uncommon for groups to be herded into huts set ablaze.

KKM would soon become home to over 100 Indians, each treated and healed. They live and work in this small community, spinning and weaving beautiful textiles. This weaving society has given them the  chance to rejoin society.

They should live as suffering community, well looked after, cared for body and soul alike, guided to lead a moral life and, to avoid idleness and mischief, they should work a little, according to their limited abilities.
— Anges Kunze, German Catholic Missionary (


Local Photographers

As a social enterprise, Anugra relies on the support of those passionate about wholesome products and equal opportunity & pay for women. Empowerment comes from communal love. With that, we owe a huge thank you to our photographer friends for capturing all our product and lifestyle shots!

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