Why Anugra needs your support -


As the economy in India grows, the number of women in the workforce decreases, fostering the gap of inequality. Working women often have to travel far, rising before the sun, finding themselves at higher risk of assault and trafficking. The minuscule wages are not worth risking their safety, so they stay home, they rely on their husbands finances, and they, though driven and gifted, settle for dependence. India has an incredibly high population of 1.3 billion but women only hold 26% of India's jobs.

ANUGRA was launched in late 2015 by 501c3, Influence International—a nonprofit that focuses on holistic development throughout India & Nepal. Influence started the social enterprise as a solution to great needs: women's education, employment, & overall empowerment. It stems from their ground root sewing program of 15 years. As all nonprofits need a web of donors, Anugra looks to build just that. 

Your gifts, as well as any sale profits, go directly toward employing more women and expanding our facilities.